South. The Spirits. Reverence for our answered Prayers.



South direction is white, the spirits come from there and they help us and listen to us on this journey.
We must always hold  reverence in our hearts for ourselves and the prayers we have asked for. We will get tested on this path looking for sobriety. In all religions there are stories of being tested, the most well known is the story of Jobe he was stripped of so much and yet he never turned on god he kept his faith and prayed to be seen in an clear just light ,of gods love 

As we pick up momentum with our prayers and our sobriety we must not overlook where we came from and the pitifull life we made for opurselves , acknowledging our prayers and holding them dear to our hearts is important , we need to keep them alive in our hearts everyday of  our  life . Promote a life that will reflect what you are about and stand for what you believe in .the spirits will help you with your efforts to move foreword and change your life for the better , Early in your sobriety you will have to believe in yourself i myself learned this the hard way no one will respect you unless you respect yourself .

Past decisions and actions may take some time to slowly fade away. Believe in yourself and your prayers, the spiritual path ahead of you is worth the effort you put into it ,nothing worth having comes easy or everybody would have it . The south is the direction where our ancestors live they watch us and help us be strong for our family .The kids we bring into this world deserve more than a drunk dad or drunk mom , they deserve a home of love and understanding that is not at the mercy of a Friday night drunk bing , Don’t waste your time going back and fourth move your life and your family foreword get sober .