It's not what you did yesterday, it's what you will do tomorrow. The journey is long. Have a Plan. Stay Consistent.



The journey back to who we are in gods plan is difficult as natives, but we have spiritual memory that helps guide us.


What we face is often there is no one home when we get our selves back together, this spiritual journey is more like a spiritual battle that the ones we love often struggle with the same disease and fight the same issues as us, our lives have become ungrounded in any belief other than drugs and alcohol. A higher power is a term used in sobriety and it’s a start but it’s so vague a place to start.


Being native is not easy and living native is not easy, but we must find a way to be native in prayer. I found my path and sobriety in prayer. My life is not perfect. I am not rich, but today I have a the chance to live sober and make the most I can out of what tunkashilla gives me in my sobriety. Prepare yourself to succeed in sobriety, not fail in alcoholism.


Whether we drink or not it’s our decision, god gave us free will, to say yes or to say no. We have to meet god halfway in order to show our true intentions.


I found guidance in the directions. This is how I learned about the Journey we must take on our road to recovery:

West. North. East. South.