Stay Focused. Have a Plan. Seek Help.


If your goal is to have a better life and better relationships, then it's time for you to get on your path to recovery.


My story is not the same as the next guys. I stopped the drugs and drinking. Yeah my pride is a little beat up, no more homeboys to impress, and nothing to live up to. I was stuck on a treadmill in and out of prison, drinking and using like it was something new, every time I got out. The lie was real for me, it was all I had, living on the Rez going to town, get drunk, go to jail, the inevitable cycle, my future was set in stone unless I figured out a way to stop using drugs. We make bad decisions all the time. Unfortunately, our decisions seem to take us to prison. Fortunately, I stopped using in prison when I figured out that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life there.  You've got to snap out of it and sober up before it’s too late.


On my path to sobriety I spent a lot of time working on myself and finding things to do now that I didn’t drink. Working out, yoga, running were things I instilled to occupy my time and bring a balance back to a healthy body. The most overlooked aspect of recovery is meditation. It's power to clear the mind and reconnect with the spirit is reflective of vision quest and searching for tunkashilla in ceremony. Some times we need to just reflect on our decisions and pray.


This will be a journey and with tunkashilla we can make this spiritual path happen today, having hope in our lives day to day is how we will make it, everyday as natives we need to pray for strength to overcome alcoholism and substance drug abuse, we do that with prayer.